Screen Saver


Please download and enjoy the Immersions Screen Saver.  You are also welcome to pass is out to your friends.  

The Immersions Screen Saver is a picture slide show.  It displays a picture for a period of time and then displays the next one, and so on.  You can insert your own pictures or just view the collection we have provided.  More pictures will be available regularly.

This screen saver is designed to function with or without the Internet Dive Log software.  If you are using IDL, after the screen saver has been installed you will notice another button on the IDL pictures screen, titled "Add to Screen Saver".  This button will automatically add the picture you are viewing in IDL to the screen saver.  Also note that if you delete the picture from IDL it will no longer be available for the screen saver either.  You must be running IDL 0.38 or greater for this function to work.

Here are a few of the pictures in the Immersions Screen Saver.

Download Immersions Screen Saver "ISSsetup_102.exe" (3893KB)

The install will install the screen saver into your Windows or Windows NT directory.  It will also install the pictures into the "C:\Program Files\Immersions Screen Saver" directory.  Once the install is complete you will need to go into Control Panel and click on the Display icon.  Then select the Screen Saver tab and pick "Immersions_Screen_Saver" from the Screen Saver combo box.  To customize the screen saver you can select the Settings button.

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