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The Immersions web site is dedicated to providing information and resources related to the SCUBA diving industry. On this site you will find data on SCUBA diving, travel, SCUBA equipment (dive computers, BCD, regulators), divers, dive companies, pictures, underwater video and SCUBA diving log software.

Internet Dive Log ( IDL ) is a personal computer ( PC ) based SCUBA dive log. This application is designed to completely replace your log book. IDL  tracks: divers, dive logs, dive sites, dive resources, travel / trip reports, dive computer downloads with graphs, and provides you with the means to search through vast amounts of SCUBA diving data. IDL can also create personalized web pages for you, which you can have hosted on the Immersions' web site. IDL is a Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 based program. However, others can view your web site from Windows, Unix / Linux, Apple Macintosh ( Mac ), Power PC and other operating systems.  IDL currently supports the following dive computers:  Citizen Hyper Aqualand, Suunto Spyder, Suunto Vyper, Suunto Cobra, Suunto Stinger, Suunto Mosquito, Aqua Lung Matrix Master.  Try our SCUBA software for free by clicking the picture above.

With IDL each diver can have his / her own web page. These pages will contain data which should assist in your dive travels. You can find reports and pictures on marine life ( fish, creatures and coral ) as well as other photos of underwater footage. You will see reports on dive resorts, hotels and lodging, all inclusive resorts, live a boards, air lines and travel.  This data may also be viewed in the IDL Database section of the web page.

The Immersions Screen Saver is a Windows screen saver.  It is a picture slide show.  The pictures that are bundled with the screen saver are mostly taken from underwater photos.  You can also insert your own pictures into the screen saver.  Click on the link above to go to the Immersions Screen Saver web page.


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